Effect of Rht1 Gene on Resistance to Scab and Agronomic Characters of Winter Wheat

  • Guo Shibao
Keywords: Rht1 Gene, Resistance, LD222, Arabidopsis


In order to make clear of the effect of Rht1 gene on resistance to scab and agronomic characters of winter wheat,
the near isogenic lines ANW16D (Rht14), ANW16F (Rht16), ANW16G (Rht18), their high stem recurrent
parents LD222 and hexaploid wheat containing Rht14, Rht16 and Rht18, respectively, were used to measure
the plant height of wheat treated with different concentrations of GA3, calculate the gibberellin sensitivity
coefficient (GRI) and infer the gibberellin reaction types of three dwarf wheat. In terms of plant height, was
proved to be the main control factor of stem elongation by studying gibberellin sensitive dwarf mutants of rice,
corn, pea and Arabidopsis. The structure of andis very similar or can be transformed into, so it can also
significantly promote the elongation growth of some plant internodes. In terms of seeds, the potential weight
and volume of seeds have been determined in the early stage of seed linear growth. However, the dwarf genes
Rht14, Rht16 and Rht18 do not affect the size of the seed volume, so we can conclude that they cause changes
between certain nutrients, such as protein, starch or others, without affecting the seed volume.