Design and Implementation of Intelligent Control System for Vegetable Greenhouse

  • Mingwei Cai
Keywords: Greenhouse Control, Vegetable Greenhouse, Intelligent Control, Wireless Networking


In this paper, the characteristics of greenhouse environment are studied, and then the environmental factors that
affect the growth of crops are analyzed. According to the influence of each factor on the growth of crops, the
mathematical model of greenhouse control system is established, and the fuzzy control algorithm of variable
quantity suitable for greenhouse control system is determined. In this paper, the development status and demand
of vegetable greenhouse monitoring system are analyzed, and a set of intelligent control system of vegetable
greenhouse is designed by using modern measurement and control technology, DSP technology and the popular
wireless communication technology of Internet of things. The tasks of data collection, data processing and
monitoring of humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide concentration and light intensity in greenhouse were
realized. Finally, the performance of the system is tested, and a better control effect is obtained.