System for Monitoring Crop Growth Environment and Crop Growth Parameters by Wireless Communication

  • Xiaobo Zhou
Keywords: Growth Environment, Wireless Communication Monitoring, Precision Agriculture, Growth Parameters


It can provide abundant and accurate real-time growth environment information, such as air humidity
temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, crop yield, crop fruit quality, pH value and other information, which
is a necessary prerequisite to promote precision agriculture and improve agricultural output. To obtain this
information by monitoring crops with a variety of different and modern sensors is the key to the observation of
differences in the growing environment and growth parameters of crops, so as to realize the great project of
precision agriculture. This paper aims at studying how to collect the growing environment and the growing
parameters of crops by wireless communication monitoring system, which is an important subject at present. In
this experiment, sensors with different monitoring functions were placed in the experimental range, and then the
wireless communication monitoring system was connected to monitor the climate change that could not be
directly observed by human, such as temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, soil moisture content and other
crop growth environment data. The experimental data showed that the data measured by professional manual
and wireless communication monitoring system only existed within the allowable error range, but did not have a
large range of error. The manual and wireless communication monitoring data are compared 24 hours a day,
which also proves that the wireless communication can guarantee the accuracy all the time. Experiments on
different kinds of crops also provide experimental data within the range of error. The experimental data show
that the application of wireless communication technology to crops can not only reduce the labor intensity of
farmers by more than 66%, but also reduce the production cost by 45%, reduce the complicated work of wiring,
and improve the level of intelligent agricultural production in China, which has certain research value and
practical significance.