Corn Growth Model Based on Yield Statistical Model

  • Lijing Pan
Keywords: Corn Planting, Corn Growth Model, Model Analysis, Yield Statistics Model


Corn is one of the main agricultural crops in China, but the agricultural technology conversion rate of corn
cultivation is not high. The growth cycle of corn is longer and the process is more complicated. In addition to
being affected by internal physiological mechanisms, the growth of maize has a great influence on its growth
environment, especially the light environment. During the growth process, the interaction between corn and
light environment is constantly underway. Corn planting time is also an important factor affecting corn yield.
The difference in sowing date directly affects the growth and development stages of corn. The purpose of this
paper is to study the growth pattern of corn based on a statistical model of yield. In terms of methods, it is
proposed to use the inverse ray tracing algorithm to calculate the light energy reflected and absorbed by the corn,
and establish a model to analyze the sensitivity of the area, mainly in terms of leaf area index, temperature, and
moisture to analyze corn yield. Establish a corn growth model, and construct it from four aspects: yield,
photosynthesis, temperature, and moisture. Finally, comprehensive supplements were made, and planting
conditions continued to be optimized at planting density. In terms of experiments, the meteorological data and
soil parameters of the plantation site were investigated. Finally, the experiment was divided into four groups,
one was for home planting; the other was for planting at different intervals, the other was normal; the three were
for drip irrigation, and the other was normal Four groups were planted using the improved strategies proposed in
this paper. It is concluded that under drip irrigation conditions, the grain filling rate can be significantly
increased, which will lead to an increase in 100-grain weight during maturity. With the increase of the
population density, the competition among individuals within the group for light, temperature, water, and
fertilizer is intensified. For better individual development, the individual plant height and ear height have been
continuously increased in order to obtain more light energy resources. This is the instinctive response of plants
to avoid each other. It was concluded that the planting density of corn reached its maximum under the condition
of 80,000 plants / ha, and when the density increased further, the yield began to decrease. The improved planting
model in this paper is superior to the other three planting models, followed by planting at different densities,
followed by drip irrigation and normal planting.