Intelligent Control Method for Water and Fertilizer Coupling Management Based on Internet of Things

  • Xiuyuan Peng
Keywords: Internet of Things, Water and Fertilizer Coupling, Intelligent Control, ZigBee Technology, Water and Fertilizer Integrated Machine


With the increase of population, China's agricultural scale continues to expand. The traditional extensive
irrigation and fertilization methods have caused the problem of low water and fertilizer utilization efficiency,
and this problem will bring a series of problems such as environmental pollution, waste of resources, and affect
the quality and safety of agricultural products, which has greatly restricted agriculture Sustainable development,
so increasing the use of water and fertilizer is the key to promoting the rapid development of modern agriculture.
The purpose of this paper is to study the intelligent control method of water and fertilizer coupling management
based on the Internet of Things. This article takes the water and fertilizer integrated irrigation control as the
research object, based on the Internet of Things technology and ZigBee technology theory, analyzes the working
principle of the water and fertilizer integrated machine, and then integrates the Internet of things technology into
the water and fertilizer integrated intelligent irrigation system. A new type of integrated water and fertilizer
intelligent irrigation system was developed. In the experimental part, this paper tests the function of the pH
adjustment of the integrated fertilizer system, and obtains that the pH adjustment accuracy of the solution is high,
and the maximum error is 0.1. The experimental results prove that the intelligent water and fertilizer integrated
irrigation system combining the technology of water and fertilizer integration and the Internet of Things
technology can effectively improve the utilization rate of water and fertilizer and realize the precise fertilization
and irrigation of farmland without leaving the household.