Effect of Regional Crop Structure Adjustment on Agricultural and Forestry Economic Management

  • Zhen Huang
Keywords: Crop Area, Structural Adjustment, Agricultural and Forestry Economic Management, Play a Role


As China enters the World Trade Organization, opportunities and challenges also emerge, especially in
agriculture. In this context, whether China can benefit from participating in the multilateral trading system
depends on whether China's economy as a whole and various region can give full play to its comparative
advantages. Therefore, it is very necessary to actively carry out research on the role of crop regional structure
adjustment on agricultural and forestry economic management. The purpose of this article is to explore the
effect of regional crop structure adjustment on the economic management of agriculture and forestry. Through
the research on the regional structure adjustment of four crops of early indicia rice, corn, wheat, and soybean, to
understand that there are certain differences in the production of different crops in different regions of China.
Comparative Advantage. The results show that the area planted between the main early indicia rice-producing
areas in 2015 was relatively dispersed, with the highest share of 17% in the west of Haiyan District and the
lowest share of Haiyan in the south of 8%, a difference of about double; and 2019 early indicia rice The areas
with the highest and lowest share of sown area in the main producing areas were 24% and 6% respectively, a
difference of nearly three times.